Never forget your baby's developmental steps


first tooth l first meal l first steps


remember it with blokjes!

for whom are 'blokjes'?

If you've just become a mom or dad, take a great photo of your baby every week and watch how they change. Are you pregnant? Then photograph the growth of your belly each week with 'blokjes'. Use the 'blokjes' with older children to practice numbers or to learn how many days a week has. Use them as countdown 'blokjes': Only 5 days left until summer vacation, 3 weeks until a kindergarten party, etc. 'Blokjes' are the perfect gift for pregnant women and new parents. For colleagues, friends or neighbours. Everyone needs 'blokjes'! #birthpresent #diapercake2.0 #presentsforpregnants #babygift #babyshower #nicestuff

when was that again?

The first development steps of your baby.
The first time sitting, crawling, the first tooth, all these are moments that can be great with the 'blokjes' hold, because unfortunately often forget too soon, when the babies reach these milestones.
The first time digging in the sand, a long day in the woods or the first weekend with grandma and grandpa ... no matter how, where or when it happens, the main thing you have is the 'blokjes'! Keep track not only of the achieved milestones, but all the beautiful or funny moments with the age of your baby. Or just take a great picture every week and follow how your baby is changing.

are they sustainable too?

All 'blokjes' are made of untreated, solid woods from sustainable forestry and are manufactured under fair conditions in Germany.
The carpentry, where we buy the plain 'blokjes', have had these raw cubes checked by the Working Committee on Children and Toys. The wooden cubes are awarded with "spiel gut"! (Criteria include material, workmanship, construction, durability, design, size).

The 'blokjes' are currently engraved under my guidance, but in the future I would like to do it with my own machine - also, so I can make individual adjustments for you.

so individuell wie die entwicklung deines kindes


your 'blokjes'

The shop is coming! It will not be long before you can select and order your ‘blokjes’ directly in our webshop.

Can not wait, then just order via email to or send me an app on 0178 3384998 very easy and straightforward.

I ship within Germany for 3 euros (max 3 sets in one envelope). Other countries and larger quantities on request.

Payment can be made by transfer to our account at n26 or via PayPal to If you live in Cologne, you can also drop by, choose your ‘blokjes’ personally and take it with you. I’m looking forward to seeing you!


über mich

l’m Sandra, live and work in Cologne as an architect and have two wonderful children.

When my sister-in-law, who lives in the USA, sent me the first pictures of my niece with milestone cubes, l was very impressed by this great idea. There, many parents use these cubes in a variety of designs, here in Germany so far only a few. lt is really a great thing, on a few beautiful photos of the age of children using the cube graphically capture.

That’s why there is ‘blokjes’! Pretty milestone cubes from fsc-certified wood, fair production, in a simple design!